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Pro Touring Studebaker


The Pro Late Model has been part of the team’s stable since 2006 when the remains of their CASCAR was sold on eBay for $300.  Originally built in 1998, the car was purchased by the team as a bare chassis and picked up at Howe Racing Enterprises in Michigan after a new front clip had been installed.  The chassis was put back together with a combination of transplanted parts from other race cars, eBay, flea market finds and new components.  Since then, the chassis has been continuously upgraded and is now a competitive piece.  


Pro Late Model

The highly modified 1966 Studebaker started from very humble beginnings.  The Canadian-made “Stude” was purchased as a parts car and after removing the valuable pieces, was destined for scrap.  It wasn’t until the shell of the car was loaded onto a trailer and half way down the driveway that Larry had second thoughts.  The remains soon found a home in the team’s shop and was built in a Pro-Touring style, with modern suspension, big brakes and plenty of power.


Follow-along, as the entire build is documented in the link below:






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